Google Chrome App Update Addresses Stability Issues And Adds Them, Too

Go ahead. Use the Google Chrome App.

What? It crashes, you say?

That’s right. Google recently updated is Google Chrome app to address some issues. But, as users all found out, it causes problems more than fixes them.


As you can see above, Google tried to address some security and stability issues, but I guess this causes more stability issues.

When trying to go on Chrome, after a little less than 4 sec the app will crash on you. Just like that!

The disappointed users took to the Reviews section of the app page on the App Store to unleash their anger at the unusable app and also dropping the rating of the app as a whole.


Hopefully, Google will come out with another update to address this and not cause any further issues with it’s Chrome App.

At the time of this writing, Google has not acknowledged the problem about its app.


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